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Using ART Deco Wall Mirrors in Your Home

ART Deco is a design style that came about right after the first World War and is often known for its rich colors, bold geometric shapes and grand ornamentation. The mirror movement is thought to have started in France in 1925. The mirrors focused a lot on symmetry and using strong geometrical shapes, a style quite different from the Victorian era. The frames were primarily made from wrought iron, bronze, chrome or wood and were often decorated with a scene of a man and woman (frequently with little clothing) or an open fan. ART Deco mirrors have been known to have gold or silver hammered very thin and used as a decoration over their designs.

There are multiple styles of ART Deco mirrors available to be used in your home. Mantel mirrors are meant to be rested on a mantel. Hand mirrors are small and have a handle to hold. Make-up mirrors, known today as compacts, are smaller than hand mirrors and often in hinged cases. Wall mirrors are the most versatile, as they can hand on flat surfaces and come in many shapes and sizes.

Using wall mirrors from Soraya Interiors to reflect light in a room can not only make a small room appear larger but can also brighten up a dark room. Selecting the right size and style is dependent upon your taste and the room decor. If you're looking to hang a mirror on a large, empty wall, you want to pick a big mirror to make a bold statement. If you're only looking to accent the current room's decor, a small mirror will better suit your purpose. A lot of bedroom mirrors are used for clothing purposes, to see how an outfit looks. Tall mirrors work best for this, oval or rectangular in shape.

Bathrooms are another place that mirrors are commonly found, and need to be well thought out. If you're installing a bathroom mirror above a vanity, you want to limit your choices to a mirror of the same size. If you're free-hanging you can choose a mirror of size and shape that fits well with the rest of your bathroom. Consider where your window is as you want to make the mirror large enough to reflect the window light to brighten up the room. When picking a mirror, make sure it fits well with your counters. If your mirror is too large it will hang past the edge of your counter and look a little strange, or take up so much space the room looks unbalanced.

Bathroom mirrors range from £10 to £1000's depending on the size, shape, and style of frame you choose. Antique ART Deco mirrors will cost more than modern.

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