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Ash Flooring

A highly grained and pale creamy wood, Ash is a very good piece of material for making furniture and flooring not only because of its strength and flexibility, but also its inviting appearance.

This wood is so strong and flexible, it can be used as a hardwood floor. Its natural wood colour simply adds an airy quality to a room by making it look more spacious, and thus why ash flooring is well suited for small homes. Whether if it's engineered flooring, laminate flooring or solid floor, you will always be amazed by the natural look that you can get from the unique markings of the ash wood. Thanks to its pale color, the patterns and markings appear to be even more distinctive.

There is also engineered ash flooring which is made up of several fused layers of wood using high pressures that makes it stronger than solid wood floors. Engineered flooring also eliminates the problem of shrinking and expanding that may sometimes occur in solid wood floors.

Laminate flooring with ash wood effect is also a very popular choice amongst homeowners because its installation process is much easier and laminate floorings also provide a more modern and contemporary feel to a room.

With proper maintenance and care, solid ash flooring can last for an incredibly long time. Simply visit website to look at the various kinds ash floorings available for sale.

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