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Bathroom Styles of Different Countries

If you need some extra inspiration to decorate or design your own bathroom, it is a good idea to look at what different countries from across the world have to offer in their unique sense of style. You will be sure to get influenced by the taste and characteristics that are being incorporated into these bathroom designs.

Imagine a bathroom fully equipped with high tech gadgets, all in a minimalist design. You start your day right on the side of your bed with a push of a button to turn on the shower and you just walk in for a bath. Not only does the shower looks sleek and stylish, it also has extra jet sprays with massage function. For those who want to enjoy a little more luxurious bath time, why not install an LCD screen along with the whirlpool bath or inside the steam room? The color of the wall and fixture in the room should probably appear totally white. Lastly, modern Japanese toilet seats also come with a variety of interesting features such as an integrated bidet with cleansing jet, an automatic opening lid, blow dryer, seat warmer and not to forget, automatic flushing.

Like any Bollywood movies we might have seen, most decors in their luxurious house are shimmering glitters. The same goes to an Indian style bathroom. You can add some sparkling or bling into your design but remember that no matter how flamboyant it is, this style can never be considered overly decorated. Use bright wall paints like yellow or pink and beautiful floor tiles with gold leaves or flower designs. Fixtures can be a grand sunken bath and a spectacular freestanding sink, both with gold fitting taps. And finally, fill any free spaces with incense and candles.

The Italians like things to be elegant and luxury, many even wanted their bathroom to be a spa like retreat. You can keep every furniture white and then add in some colors such as maroon, black and gold into the wall paint and bathroom accessories. Towels and candles are often be placed on wroungh iron stands. To really accomplish the Italian atmosphere, you might have to hang a few photographs of Italian landmarks or some Italian paintings in the room.

Take the largest bathroom suite and fixtures that you could find and fit those into your bathroom and seriously, forget about water waste. Install the biggest, deepest and longest bathtub you could with a powerful shower. A double sink and a large mirror to complement with, and chrome towel warmers by the wall side. Any modern and clean theme design for a big room is suitable for the American style.

The Brits might have a more traditional approach on their design but never lack of modern convenience. British baths style incorporates natural elements such as wood that can particularly be found on their cabinets and decor items. Other significant features may include a freestanding bathtub on legs and the overall color and lighting is off white.

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