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Keep Your Sheds Secure Using Blinds and Curtains

Blinds and curtains are generally used for privacy and decoration whether it is for your front room, bedroom or other rooms within your homes. But what about security? What people often forget is that we use curtains and blinds as a security measure for example when we go on holiday we leave the curtains shut or open to try and create an image that somebody is actually in rather than away.

But what about using curtains outside of the home? I don't mean on the outside of your windows but how about outdoor buildings such as wooden sheds, summer houses and log cabins. These are other areas where curtains and blinds are utilised as decoration but tend to be forgotten about. With regards to security curtains and blinds can be the perfect addition to your garden buildings if you are unable to acquire a windowless shed. Recently there have been many stories of thefts in garden sheds and although it is a shame to hear many could be prevented by simply adding curtains or blinds to your storage area.

Many garden buildings on the market have windows but don't come with covers for these so anyone is able to peer through your garden sheds and see what items you have in storage. I am no shed expert or a burglar but I don't think it would take too much effort to break into a shed so if you are storing expensive equipment or garden items that hold sentimental value and you can simply increase the security of these via a blind or curtain.

Adding a blind or curtain is such a simple job and having a curtain to suit the size of a shed window could be made to measure for very little so it is a small price to pay for protecting your home items. Not only do the blinds and curtains add security to your shed they also offer a decorative appeal so you are gaining two benefits for the price of one.

Potting sheds are another popular garden building especially with grow your own being so popular since the credit crunch. These buildings are often used for storage as well as potting areas but there are skylight windows much larger than your usual 8 x 6 sheds so it becomes much more important to add curtains or blinds to this type of building. Usually a shed can look dull and will not draw attention but if you have a potting area many more people will be interested to see what you are growing so if your shed is an area that can be viewed then it is more important than ever to add curtains or blinds and reduce the opportunity people have to view the items you have in your shed.

One of the most popular items to be added to sheds and garden rooms are TVs as many people are beginning to utilise their garden buildings as relaxation areas and man caves especially with the amount of sporting events there are this year. If you are storing items such as TVs and other gadgets then think on!!!

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