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5 Budget Friendly Ways to Improve Your Kitchen Décor

Our kitchen can be one of the most expensive rooms to redecorate. By the time you purchase new cabinets, flooring and appliances, your budget may be completely blown. You do not have to break the bank however just to improve the look and function of your kitchen. Here are 5 tips that will help you to give your kitchen a facelift without completely emptying your bank account.

  1. Paint your walls. This is the cheapest and most effective method to renew the look of your kitchen. You can paint your walls a neutral color and then add curtains, artwork and other accessories to give it a completely new look.
  2. Paint your cabinets. You can paint, stain or strip your cabinets and drastically change how your kitchen looks. If you really do not want to change the actual cabinets, change the hardware. Cabinet drawer pulls and hinges are not costly and can be changed quickly, giving the room a new look and your budget a break.
  3. Change your appliances. If your kitchen appliances are in good shape, you can simply take them and have them painted. You could also look into trading them for upgraded appliances or purchase the new appliances that you want and sell your old ones to make up a bit of the difference. Either way, you get appliances that go well with your newly painted walls.
  4. Change your countertops. You will want to steer clear of pure marble unless you have a really large budget, but you can purchase cheaper countertop material that looks like marble. If you choose a style or color that is on sale you can save a bundle and still get great looking countertops to add to your new kitchen.
  5. Change your flooring. Swap your tiles for linoleum or vice-versa. Purchase a few inexpensive throw rugs and place them strategically around the kitchen to give it a different look.

You do not have to fork out a lot of money to get a new kitchen. Take just a few tips or use them all and see just how much of a difference these inexpensive ideas will make in your kitchen.

This article was written by Britannia Living, leading suppliers of premium kitchen appliances including 100 cm range cookers and all electric range cookers.

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