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Camo & Zebra - Classic Prints!

Have you noticed there just seems to be tons of products regarding camo bedding? It seems that camouflage prints have become a basic, and not just the traditional green and tan camo print or the tan and gray desert version but pink camo, purple camo and more - that's a sure sign that camo has gone from trendy to, dare we say it, traditional. Actually camo prints are very popular among new mothers and you can find virtually every baby accoutrement imaginable bearing a camo motif. Is it because we are in a war or because so many new moms may have a husband in the military or is it just the times we live in.

It's probably all that and more, and one way to parse it out is to look at the evolution of animal prints. They started when the wealthiest members of society went on safari, bagged big game and brought it home to display - witness the open-mouth bear rug or the zebra hide rug gracing an elegant library or salon. Not everyone could afford such an exotic decor statement but the imagery could nonetheless be applied to textiles, leather and wood and over time animal prints became more affordable and thus mainstream. Almost one hundred years later what was once an exotic import has now become a standard print - you'll find zebra stripes on everything from bath mats to bed pillows and not just in black and white. Look for pink and black zebra prints and zebra prints combined with leopard spots, etc.

So back to that camo baby conversation - maybe another reason we see it so much is that it’s cute! The juxtaposition of traditionally masculine and military camouflage prints applied to baby is an eye-catcher, just as it is when seen on a hoodie or a hooded bath towel.

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