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Blending Carpets into a Minimalist Scheme

Individuals who want to create a minimalist scheme for one or more of the rooms in their home will often avoid using carpets, as they are generally not considered to be suitable for most minimalist designs. Most people will opt for laminate or hardwood flooring, perhaps with the addition of one or two area small rugs to break up the design. However, there are carpets out there that are suitable for a minimalist interior design scheme, and there are ways that they can be easily incorporated into the overall design of a room, adding warmth and texture to the space.

Tips for choosing the right carpet

When choosing a carpet for any room, even if the room is to have a minimalist design, it is important to consider the room’s function. Rooms that people will be going in and out of all the time will need a carpet that is a little more hardwearing than, for example, the carpet that would be used in a guest bedroom. It is important to have flooring that will last, and that will continue to work if the homeowner decides to change the design of the room at some point in the future.

Color is going to be a primary concern when choosing the right minimalist carpet. Patterned carpets can give an impression of fussiness and while this is something that should usually be avoided in a minimalist room, in some cases a simple pattern might help to give the room a little more depth. This will depend in large part on how much color has been used elsewhere in the room. The carpet should blend in with the color scheme; most minimalist rooms will have a neutral scheme using white, off-white, black, and cream shades. A beige or off-white carpet is often the perfect choice to go with a neutral color scheme as it will keep the minimalist look going, although a carpet with more color could work as well, depending on the furnishings in the room.

The type of carpet will also be important. Deep pile carpets may not create the right impact in a minimalist design, so homeowners often opt for a more durable carpet made of tightly woven wool. Other carpet materials that may be suitable include Nylon blends and polyester.

Why carpets?

Most people think that hardwood flooring is low maintenance when compared with carpet, but the right carpet does not have to be difficult or time consuming to maintain if the proper steps are taken. Cleaning, for example, is an essential part of carpet care. Maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis will help to ensure that the carpet lasts for as long as possible, and is always visually attractive. Finding a local carpet maintenance specialist is as easy as searching for a phrase such as “carpet cleaning Ottawa Ontario” online. Regular vacuuming will prevent dirt from settling into the carpet fibers, which will also help the carpet last longer.

A minimalist design can be used to create a very attractive living space, and the shade and design of a carefully chosen carpet will help to inject a little more life into the room. A carpet can help an individual keep from taking minimalism to extremes, and avoid the coldness of that is sometimes associated with some minimalist design schemes.

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