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Choosing a Bedside Table for Your Bedroom

Gone is the time when cluttering your bedroom with bulky furniture and funky accessories was the standard in decor, it is now all about getting the most functional pieces of furniture but still with design and style in mind.

A traditional bedroom will be furnished with an essential wardrobe to keep clothe organised, a big bed to sleep in and the indispensable bedside table, a dresser for extra storage and eventually a dressing table to get the look. Let’s focus in this post on a particularly convenient piece of furniture: the bedside table.

Before making up your mind on a specific bedside table, start thinking what you will use it for to then determine the most appropriate design for your needs. The bedside is usually used to store personal objects you want to remain hidden, place an alarm clock, a bedside lamp, a telephone or casually rest your book when you feel your eyes are closing.


Depending on the function you value the most for your bedside table (a dedicated place for the reading book or a perfect hiding place for secret belongings?) consider one designed either with drawers, doors or shelves.


Whether you prefer going for one with shelves or drawers, make sure that your new piece of furniture will harmoniously complement the rest of your bedroom furniture style. You can choose a rustic wooden bedside table, a metal bedside table for a more modern look and you can even put two similar bedsides on either side of the bed and create a symmetrical look.


Functional and stylish, for those who would like to make a bold statement with bedsides, there are also more original shapes and finishes to choose from such as a mirrored bedside table or a model painted in a bright gold colour.


The shape is also something you should think of as a round bedside table will take more room than a square one.

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