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Classic British Style for the Bedroom

If watching the hit British TV show, Downton Abbey, has given you a taste for the classic English way of decorating, then you will be pleased to know you do not need the bank account of a lord to be able to afford it. Just a few touches here and there can have you living in the classy d├ęcor style of old.

British style defined

When people think of classic British style, chances are they have a picture of grand country mansions and town houses in mind, with either classical Georgian architecture, or else neo-Gothic architecture, Victorian-style. For the Georgian period, think Jane Austen: light and open rooms embracing colors such as duck egg and ivory. For the Victorian period, think Dickens: heavy, dark-colored woods, such as mahogany and oak, and swathes of weighty, opulent fabrics, such as silks and velvets.

Going classic, but not going old-fashioned

Of course, few if any people want to create authentic historical interiors in their homes, so the trick is to pick out a few key features of these periods and mix them with more contemporary pieces. For example, silk, regardless of period, instantly raises the luxury stakes, being a fabric that exudes wealth and comfort. These two elements are never out of fashion and a modern chair upholstered in silk, with a traditional pattern, can really help to bring a little period magic into your home.

The bedroom

If it is classic luxury you are after, then the place to start is in the bedroom. A room that is intended for comfort and repose, the bedroom is possibly the easiest place in the home to inject period drama. For example, the bed, the focal point of the room, can be a Victorian-style bedstead with a high end foot and headboards. Alternatively, the frame can be crafted Rococo-style, with elaborately carved end pieces and impactful silk or velvet upholstered headboards. There is no need, however, to suffer the discomfort of earlier times, so be sure to invest wisely when it comes to the mattress and consider quality, classic brands such as Vi-spring to ensure that your sleep is sound.

A bed is a big investment and you may just want to add a few touches to bring that classic British glamour to your bedroom. If so, how about creating an eye-catching window dressing with heavy fabric swags and curtains that puddle on the floor? Or light fittings that resemble old-fashioned oil lamps?


When it comes to furniture, uniformity is key in creating a classic British look. Wood was the main material for furniture in Victorian times, and many original pieces still survive and can be picked up relatively cheaply. Visit antique stores to find quality-built chests of drawers, or even better, a dressing table or bureau. These pieces can add a traditional element to the bedroom without overpowering the space.

The key to creating a luxurious interior without making it appear dated is to mix elements of the old with the new. Victorian interior decoration was excessive, with every section of wall and floor covered. Avoid this clutter by choosing just a few key elements of the period style.

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