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How to Create a Garden Retreat with Garden Fencing

The summer months are short and limited in the UK so making the most of the warm, hot weather is at the top of the priority list for many Britons. Having a garden is a real privilege and making the most of your outside space will help your home feel more like home! Many of us have to share our gardens with family, children and pets making relaxing extremely difficult. Creating your own private, quiet retreat will help you enjoy the sunshine!

Deciding where to place your garden fencing retreat is important; especially if you want to make the most of the sunshine! Tracking the sun across your garden will give you a better idea of where to place your retreat. Simply keep a diary for the day and mark down the position of the sun as every hour passes. Once you know where the sun is you can then position your retreat where the sun shines the most.

Many people think garden fence panels are only useful for garden fencing but they can be used for a number of decorative features. Fence panels can be used to create a garden screen; the screen will make your garden retreat private and secluded.

Decorative garden fencing like trellis fence panels are perfect for decorating as they are not solid; they are made of lattice patterned timber and have a net like look. Using the fence panels you can create a garden screen making your garden retreat. Simply place two fence panels at a right angle to create a corner. The corner will make the shield more private.

Trellis panels are perfect for climbing plants. Climbing plants will naturally grow through the lattice design of the trellis until it has engulfed the whole fence panel. Adding climbing plants to a trellis panel will create a natural screen. Climbing plants like ivy or honeysuckle are very popular in the UK.

Adding a patio floor to your secluded area will make it easier to place garden furniture. Patio floors are made from concrete paving slabs. Paving slabs are easy to lie and can be laid in a pattern too. Patio slabs are laid with a dry cement mix; dry cement mix is like sand so it is easier to lie and won’t cause as much of a mess.

Adding garden furniture to your retreat area will make it super comfortable and easy to use. Garden furniture has come a long way in the past few years and many furniture sets are made from synthetic materials so they can be left outside all year round.

Synthetic rattan is a popular choice for UK gardeners as the material is strong and easy to maintain. Synthetic rattan furniture comes in modern styles perfect for a garden retreat. Modern styles like day beds or sun loungers are perfect for a retreat; a day bed provides a comfortable space to lay back and relax in.

Creating a garden retreat is the perfect way to spend a weekend and will provide with a space to enjoy for many years to come. A garden retreat will help you enjoy your garden to the fullest and will help you make the most of the short, British summer!

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