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Create the Vintage Bedroom Look

There are many furnishing trends at the moment, but one of the most romantic and nostalgic has to the vintage inspired trend for the bedroom. There are key pieces to achieve this look and the beauty is it can all be created on the tightest of budgets.

The first step is to think romantic, ornate mirrors with white framing in a Parisian style, chandeliers with elegant crystals reflecting light into the room. Both of these pieces can be bought new, however the keen interior designer will scour markets and boot fairs to source more individual pieces and at a fairer price.

The second step is to add your own quirky touch to the bedroom, little ornaments for the dressing table, clear glass vases filled with fresh flowers, even little vintage decorative tins overflowing with posies. If you followed the minimalist look previously, you may want to dig out all the little bits you hid away, remember vintage is about being nostalgic. Pretty frames with black and white photos of family or holidays adorning chest of drawers will add to the look. The frames are important; they should be in either tarnished silver or white.

The third step, which is probably the biggest job to achieve the look, is the walls of the bedroom; ideally you should go for a soft cream, as the bedding and curtains is the key thing that will pull the whole look together. The trend is for candy colours, pinks, light greens and cream stripes, not little stripes, bold is the way to go. Speaking of bold, the bedroom furniture should have one statement piece; normally this would be the wardrobe. If you are buying new, try a white wardrobe with a matt finish, ideally a standalone unit works best with the vintage look.

If you can incorporate just one of the steps towards the vintage bedroom style, step two will be the easiest to achieve and you'll be sitting pretty in no time.

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