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Why Use Curtains to Divide a Room?

In many houses or apartments there is a room or space that would ideally be divided, but the costs of a remodel and building an entire wall prevents that from becoming a reality. However, by using curtains you can easily divide up a room, creating the illusion of two distinct spaces. There are plenty of occasions where this would be an ideal choice, including in a bedroom shared by two children, in a living area to divide up the space, or in a studio to separate the sleeping area from the rest of the living area. The process is a simple one, and is very inexpensive.

For a children's bedroom, curtains are the perfect way to offer a temporary solution to please of "Can't I have my own room?" and "Why must I share?" Simply hang up a curtain across the room, creating a perfect nook for one child, while the other can play, read, or study without interference. While a hanging curtain can look great and divide the room effectively, it is perfect for duelling siblings because it can also be opened when a truce is reached. In addition, you can remove curtains and the wires from which they hang easily. The holes which are created are reasonable small, and can be filled in with special putty materials or even just a tab of toothpaste to make them fill up and disappear to the eye.

Another great use for curtain dividers is in a studio apartment. Whether you are just starting out with a studio apartment, or you have purchased a great urban space, curtains can help you create a more live-able space. Perhaps the biggest downside to living in a studio flat is that there is little privacy, and no distinction between the eating/working/lounging area the the "bedroom." The most common way to use curtain dividers in this situation is to separate the sleeping area. By putting up curtains around your bed, you can section off the area which is most private to you. Of course, when you are home alone, the curtains can remain open and your studio will only benefit from the decorative benefits. When you have guests over, however, simple pull the curtains closed and let the rest of the apartment become the sitting area. This often results in the apartment being used for often for entertaining, as you feel there is a distinct space for guests.

Another common occasion for hanging curtains as dividers is in a large living room or basement, so that the room can have two distinct purposes instead of just one. In a traditional living room, you might have the entire space devoted to lounging, with a couch and television being the central focus. With curtain dividers, you can keep that space, but also allow for another area entirely. Some uses for the area might be as a desk for someone who works from home, or perhaps as a storage area for boxes, winter clothes, or anything else you want kept out of sight.

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