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Decorating Your Bed

Whenever we felt tired, it is always best to have a bed to lie on. The great pleasure of going to bed is like getting a hug we have been longing for, especially when our bed is so beautiful and soft. Changing and redecorating your bedroom from time to time is a fun thing to do. If your bed hasn't look as attractive yet, just follow the few tips below, it's not that hard isn't it?


Try to mix and match the colors of your blanket, pillow and bed sheet. Creating a contrast can make the bed look good and try not to use a white color cover if you are using this method. Create as many styles and designs as you wish until you are comfortable with it.


A bed with only one pillow is not enough to make it any fascinating. Add more pillows by varying in shapes, sizes and colors. Stand the pillows up instead of laying them down and this will look better on a bed without a headboard. Adjust the amount of pillows and place them on different positions until you are satisfied with the result.


A bed will never seem complete without a blanket. Sometimes, having more than one blanket with different designs over laying on each other is very appealing too. Usually, it all depends on how you place them. Try to be different each day by folding it in various ways, tuck or leave it all unfold. Get a quilt if you are not in need for the warmth of a blanket.

Wall Decors

If you feel that the wall above your headboard is too blank, put some decorations there. I'll not recommend placing anything that would fall off easily since it will be costly if the item is expensive or fragile.

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