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Simple Design Tips to Personalise Your Child's Nursery

For that new-born, infant, and toddler, it is important to design a nursery that will be not only good looking from a design perspective but personal as well. A baby is a person of course, and yet he or she is unable to make design choices about his or her living space. A baby is simply too young to handle anything of this nature. However, as a parent, older sibling, or other nurturing influence, you can personalize a baby's nursery. This will give it a charm and flair that relates to the young child rather than merely having a generic look. The following are some suggestions on doing this:

One way to personalize a child's nursery is to use photos. This is a great way to make the baby's nursery personalized and discernibly their own. You can take pictures of the child from their new-born age to whatever age they are presently and decorate the room with them. Take pictures of him or her involved in various activities such as playing, sleeping, eating, smiling, and thinking. You will be surprised at what a great sense of personalization this gives to the room.

Favourite Colours
If you can identify some of your child's favourite colours this can be used to good effect in the decoration of the child's nursery room. Perhaps you can get your child to point to various colours in a colour book and pick out ones that they seem especially to like. You may find that they respond to certain colours more animatedly than to others. Once you have identified a colour or several colours in this way you can begin to decorate using them. Painting the room in the child's favourite colours is a good way to begin this chromatic personalization process. You can them move on to other items such as bed sheets, window treatments, quilts, and wall art with the same or complementary colour themes.

Pattern Themes
As well as colour, you can experiment with pattern themes. There may be some shapes that become associated with your baby or that they seem to like. Again you can find this out by watching what your baby or young child seems to respond to most enthusiastically. Perhaps they like playing with triangular blocks and toys? Do they enjoy circles? Squares? Floral or paisley patterns? Plaids? Suns or moons? Pay attention to all of this and then try to integrate it into the rooms decor.

Window Treatment
Window treatments are one area where personalisation can take place. You may want colour or patterned themed curtains or blinds. As regards the latter, you may want to consider Roman blinds. These are simple blinds dating from times of antiquity that fold up as pleats to allow light through the window and then unfold to cover it. Patterned Roman blinds always give and artistic and earthy look to rooms and these can be excellent for your baby's nursery. Consider selecting patterned Roman blinds that integrate the colours and patterns you have identified and then work from there. These blinds are also especially desirable for a nursery room because they block light very completely and well as insulate the room. When it's time to sleep, the patterned Roman blinds will create a dark and quiet room, though they are often slightly illuminated in a lovely way by the outdoor light, giving them a soft glow.

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