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Eco-Friendly Window Curtains & Blinds

Many curtains and blinds manufacturers today are starting to produce window treatments that are more eco-friendly in order to help reduce the impact done by their operation to the environment. This is great news for every one of us who are environmentally conscious. Not only are these eco-friendly window treatments good at saving energy, they are also much more natural, affordable and durable.

Modern curtains and blinds work very well at transmitting heat. When it's cold outside, heat is trapped within the window cover and when it's hot outside, it maintains the cool air inside. This way, a fair amount of energy usage is conserved, which means you can cut down on your electric bills.

Let's take a look at some of the types of eco-friendly blinds and curtains that we can normally find in a furniture store.

Honeycomb blinds

These blinds are also known as cellular shades because they are designed with lines and rows of cells just like a honeycomb. The main function of these cells, other than looking good, is to trap heat. So technically, a blind with more rows of cells will be more effective in conserving energy.

Organic cotton curtains

Organic fabrics are natural and free from chemicals or harmful substances. Organic cotton curtains are comforting, warm and one of the longest lasting curtains that you can get.

Bamboo curtains

Natural textile fibres, very resilient, sturdy and soft to touch. They are also washable in cold water.

Recycled drapery fabrics

Materials recovered from processes like weaving, spinning and cutting of fabrics, which could have been gone to waste. Using recycled materials means you are reducing the amount of land, water and energy used to manufacture these products.

These environment-friendly curtains and blinds are available in all sorts of designs and colors, suitable for both modern and conventional homes.

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