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Just How Eco Friendly is Your Oven?

When you invest in a new oven, it is likely that your main focus will be on your culinary skills and how well the appliance will cook a variety of dishes.

Perhaps you will think about the overall aesthetics of the cooker, and how it’s going to fit in with your kitchen interior. But have you ever considered if your oven is eco-friendly?

With more and more brands promoting eco-friendly electrical appliances for the home, it is clear that we, as consumers, should jump on the sustainable bandwagon and help to make a huge difference in our home.

If you are happy with your existing oven, why not consider these tips to help you save money, whilst being kind to the environment?

Choose fan-assisted

Did you know that fan assisted ovens are renowned for being up to 25% more energy efficient? Ovens that are fan assisted tend to work much quicker than conventional ovens, so you will be saving money as well as your time.

If you are not currently using a fan oven, you should consider trading it in for a more energy-efficient cooker that is going to help you save in the long run.

Consider investing in a bigger oven

This suggestion may seem completely ridiculous at a first glance, as you may be thinking how can ovens twice the size save energy? Well, the fact that you will have more space to cook and many different oven compartments will ensure that you make a saving each time.

For instance, if you are only heating up a slice of bread or a beef burger, you might as well pop them into the smaller compartment, as opposed to turning on the whole thing.

Use the correct size pan rings

You will also save energy by using smaller pan rings for tasks such as heating up soup, or boiling some water for vegetables. Match the pan to a suitable ring size, as a smaller surface will require less energy to heat, saving you valuable pennies over time.

Would you consider a solar-powered oven?

Fancy taking your oven to a whole new level? The standard cookers and ovens that many households use typically waste 700 kWh of energy each year, which could be greatly reduced if you’re willing to try solar powered options.

They may not look as modern as other contemporary designs as many are still in the development process, however, they may be a clear indication of what’s to come in the future.

So if you already have an oven, ask yourself just how sustainable it is? And if need a new appliance, now is the time to invest in one that will cut your carbon footprint, and save you money off your energy bills in the long-run.

This article was provided by Britannia Living; specialists of premium kitchen appliances and accessories. Visit our site today for more information on the Britannia range cookers.

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