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How to Organise Your Home

The question of how to store belongings in a neat and organised way is becoming increasingly easy to answer with the introduction of space-saving devices and creative storage solutions. There's no need to have a cluttered, untidy house when a few simple measures can transform your environment into a blissful oasis of order and calm. The following are some tried and tested ways to get organised.

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Declutter - The first and most obvious step is to sort through your belongings and get rid of any items you no longer want or need. Sort items into those that can be resold, passed on to charity shops, otherwise recycled or thrown away.

Baskets and trays for "in use" items - Instead of having clutter strewn all over the house, use baskets to throw in odd items and keep your surfaces clean and clear.

 Also, putting items in boxes and bins will keep things organized. Be sure to label the bins with a Dymo label printer so everything will return to where it came from.

Filing system - Use filing trays for paperwork to be dealt with, and deal with it as soon as possible. File essential documentation in a filing draw or cabinet.

Space-saving kitchen devices - From slim line dishwashers to pull-out cupboards, there are many ingenious ways to get the most use out of limited space in the kitchen. Pots and pans can be hung from hooks and spices stored on a rack on the inside of a cupboard door.

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Multi-purpose furniture - Furniture that doubles up in function is a great way to maximise space. Bookshelves that can be used as coffee tables, tables with inbuilt storage space, sofas and chairs with storage space underneath and of course the classic sofa bed are some examples. Cabin beds that incorporate sleeping space together with storage and desk space are superb options for small kids' rooms, and cabin beds or other raised beds can also be used by adults.

Expandable furniture - Furniture that folds away neatly when not being used is another ingenious measure for space challenged flats and houses. Expandable dining tables are a great idea for people who need the extra places infrequently, while fold out desks are a nice way to incorporate office space into tight corners.

Interior fixtures in wardrobes - Wardrobes have enormous potential to store large amounts of stuff in an organised way. The top of the wardrobe is an excellent place to store duvet covers and blankets, while a variety of interior draws, adjustable shelves and specialised fixtures for items such as shoes and ties make storing and retrieving clothing simple. Maximise space by choosing wardrobes that reach to the ceiling.

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Chests - Chests are superb for storing duvet covers, blankets, sheets and towels in one handy space. Chests can also be beautiful features in their own right and can be placed in awkward spots that wouldn't otherwise be utilised, such as at the foot of the bed or on a narrow landing.

Use space creatively - Large closets or under stair space can be used for a home office if the space isn't required for storage purposes. Raised platforms in the bedroom or other areas create instant storage space underneath and add an interesting dimension to the room. There are no rules about where you have to store items either - if it's more convenient to store your paperwork in the kitchen or your laundry cleaning items in the bathroom, then utilise the space where you find it.

This is an article written by Michael Turner, a home improvement, design and technology enthusiast on behalf of a duvet covers and bed linen specialist.

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