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Keeping Your Bed Clean

A decent quality mattress is not cheap to own and when you have one, you will definitely want it to last long. One way to achieve that is to of course keep the bed clean. Unfortunately, dirt and dust particles always tend to sit and settle on beds. Moreover, beds are also often exposed to germs and bacteria, making it much more impossible to stay in a pristine condition.

Cleaning and disinfecting the sleeping surface regularly can definitely help to keep the mattress in mint condition and below, I have a few cleaning tips and some methods that work to add more years to your mattresses:

  1. A good vacuum cleaner that can pick up wet and dry dust is useful to clean your mattress. If you haven’t had one, try investing some money on a better vacuum cleaner. Some that comes with good filtration system are able to prevent collected dust from lurking around the house or onto other furniture. Vacuuming a bed is preferably done once half a year or once annually but for people who have dust allergy, the bed can be vacuumed on monthly basis.
  2. Work off liquid stains instantly. By using a piece of cloth, quickly absorb as much moisture as possible before more liquid seeps through the mattress’s surface. Molds will develop if the bed is moist. For stains like dog pee, you would need to disinfect the mattress with the following treatment:

    Make a vinegar cleaning solution with one part of distilled white vinegar and two parts of water inside a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the affected areas to remove all unwanted germs and bacteria. White vinegar is a great solution to get rid of molds as well.

    After the treatment, loosely sprinkle baking soda covering the entire mattress. You can then vacuum the powder off after an hour.
  3. For regular cleaning, combine two drops of dishwashing liquid that has antibacterial properties in a bucket filled with water. Use a sponge together with the soapy water to scrub the sleeping surface. Prevent from soaking the bed as you will find trouble later while getting it dry.
  4. Last but not least, you might as well want to try mixing lavender oil with two cups of water and spray it over your bed. Not only does your bed smells better, lavender also have mild disinfectant properties. The smell of lavender has a relaxation purpose which can even help you sleep better at night.

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