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Fragrance Layering is the new Cocktail Making

It won't have escaped your notice that scented candles are extremely popular. With fragrances varying from the seasonal (think candles with names such as "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" for Valentine's Day, and "April Showers" for spring), to traditional, floral scents such as rose, gardenia, and hyacinth, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to making your home smell sweet- but what if you want to mix things up a little?

scented candles

Fragrance layering is the name of a trend which has gained traction in recent times- it's a complicated-sounding name for a process that's actually quite simple: releasing complementary scents at the same time to create a signature fragrance for your home or business, thereby altering the way that the space is perceived by its inhabitants or visitors. This effect is achieved by using more than one type of scented product at once: perhaps combining the burning of a large jar candle with a reed diffuser, a room spray, wax and oil warmers, or other fragrant product in order to create a gentle, lasting scent which improves the mood and feelings of everyone in the vicinity.

You won't be surprised to learn that this scent technique is popular with shops, boutiques, beauty therapists and spas, as it's been proven that creating a warm, welcoming and beautifully scented atmosphere changes the way people perceive the space they're in. By creating a well lit environment that smells amazing, businesses encourage their clients to relax, take their time, and spend longer in store. This technique of fragrance layering is now a practice that's becoming increasingly popular with people who like their homes to smell just as good. By choosing fragrances which work well together (such as vanilla and caramel, or raspberry and mango), you can experiment and have fun, becoming your own mixologist and creating individually designed and unique "cocktails" at home.

Fragrance layering is even an activity you can share with the kids: let them choose some of the smaller, less expensive scented candles available in the shops, and you can take them home (and under close supervision, obviously) mix the chosen candles together in a wax warmer, releasing your own unique fragrance all over the house. It's also a nice thing to do before guests arrive: you'll be sitting around the dinner table with a glass of wine in your hand, with your own fragrant "cocktail" in the air- what could be better?

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