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Lighting Up the Spaces

When you have a kitchen that is bigger than you need, that doesn't mean you can pay less attention to those unused spaces. You can always use lights to fill up the blank area. Accent lightings and decorative lightings are perhaps the most suitable features for all that extra spaces.

Draw attention with features

The kitchen has become a common place for people to spend their extra time like having a casual hangout among family and friends, especially if the kitchen is big. The extra spaces on the walls and the floor give you the furnishing freedom to place interesting decorations such as artworks or a glass shelf with collectibles but in order to grab people's attention, you will want to install accent lightings.

Spotlights, wall sconces, up-lights or track lightings are good highlights for the artworks and glass shelf with collectibles. Other than that, you can also install a low voltage or puck lighting system inside glass door cabinets or above the kitchen cabinets to create a much appealing result.

Present in style

From freestanding wall lamps, table lamps and floor lamps to ceiling mounted chandeliers and hanging pendants, these are the objects placed mainly for decorative purposes. Since it is all about eye catching designs, these items sometimes come with a hefty price tag.

In order to make these lightings visually appealing, they must not take up too many unnecessary spaces, and the bulbs should be well hidden within its design. An alternative and less expensive way of spending on furnishings and decorative lights is by using candles.

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