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Lightings for Kitchen

Many homeowners especially those who just love cooking spend a great deal of effort furnishing their kitchen, setting up good lightings and cooking wares all the time just to make sure that they could create a warm and inviting environment, and turning their kitchen into a more practical workplace.

However the fact is that most people tend to think of this process as a somewhat complex matter and don't bother too much about it, which could be why most kitchens ended up with only one center fixture up in the ceiling to light up the entire place, definitely a bad idea for your kitchen.

Fortunately it is not too difficult for anyone to learn about some great kitchen lighting techniques and ideas that could be useful to effectively brighten up the place. We can start by dividing the kitchen into several different areas where different types of lighting should be placed and do make sure that the whole design is able to blend in altogether. Task lightings and ambient lightings are some of the must have accessories for every kitchen.

Carrying out kitchen tasks

A kitchen user knows best when it comes to a good lighting position for every of his or her culinary task. Works like chopping, peeling, slicing and reading on recipes or cookbooks require good visibility so if the lighting is on the wrong spot, it might overshadow the workspace.

The key locations to install these task lightings are right over the top where you prepare your food, for instance, under the upper wall cabinet or right over the kitchen island. For underneath the cabinet, you can opt for hidden installations such as puck lights or strip lights. If you have a pantry, make sure it is well lighted too.

Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere

Kitchens are no longer used to just preparing foods, but to be inviting to your guests as well. Ambient lighting is like a necessary ingredient in your kitchen design. It is a low-key lighting that bounces off the ceiling to brighten up the entire room, with soft shadows that simply creates a warmer feel in the room. Some of my recommended ceiling fixtures are adjustable track lightings and flush mount lightings.

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