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Hang Up the Marigolds with a Low Maintenance Kitchen

We all need more time in our lives, whether it’s to spend with loved ones or to enjoy some solitude, but when you have a home and job, this isn’t always easy - the daily grind can become a chore in itself!

When it comes to renovating your home, wouldn’t it be great to have rooms that didn’t need regular vacuuming, scrubbing and polishing? Well the good news is there is one room where this could be the case – your kitchen. Yes, we all know anywhere food is prepped needs to be hygienic, but think of a time where your evenings or weekends weren’t spent polishing oven tops and tiles.

Vinyl Flooring Isn’t for the 50s

Scrubbing cold tiles is the one chore that is guaranteed to make you feel like Cinderella (before the glass slipper incident), but believe it or not there are types of floors that will save you time cleaning without jeopardising hygiene standards.

Vinyl has come a long way over the years - it’s durable, warming and is available in so many different styles that it suits even the most modern of kitchens. Most importantly, the minimal upkeep is ideal for those who want less time cleaning without jeopardising style.

Get Out of the Groove

As well as flooring, consider getting rid of kitchen tiles as a work surface that seemed to be popular in the 90s (and we all know there are many things that should stay in that era).

Choose durable porcelain or granite worktops. The smooth and easy to wipe clean surfaces means minimal fuss so clearing up can be done in one swipe of a cloth rather than spending hours picking between the grooves of tiles.

Splashbacks – Colourful and Practical

A practical kitchen doesn’t have to mean a boring kitchen, so finding features that give it character as well as offering a low maintenance solution is always a bonus, right?

Well, newsflash - splashbacks offer exactly this. Perfect behind cookers to help protect against splatters from cooking, or behind sinks to prevent water damage, they are ideal for creating an easy to maintain kitchen that also has character. Take a look at those provided by Cameo Glass to see a range of styles and sizes; specialist retailers will likely have a larger range and more customised options than other stockists.

Consider Colours of Cupboards, Walls and Equipment

Low maintenance doesn’t mean dark colours or minimalist décor, but of course it doesn’t take a genius to know that white and cream will show up marks and dirt, which is why if you’re wanting a fuss free kitchen, then consider using a more varied colour palette –which goes beyond the paint work.

Try choosing coloured cupboards and keeping your walls neutral, or alternatively, rather than opting for white goods, lower maintenance options would be silver or even pastel options if you’re going for a country cottage feel.

So there you have it! Don’t fall in the trap of choosing décor that takes up even more of your time. Break free from the mop, sponges and bleach with lower maintenance kitchens and you shall go to the ball!

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