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How to Make Your Bedroom A Palace

A bedroom can be adapted in many ways to the personal taste of the occupant. To an adult, the bedroom is a place for relaxation; a place for purity, away from the clutter and confusion of day to day life (we wish!). For a child, meanwhile, a bedroom can reflect the innermost soul, with decorations and designs chosen to best flesh out a personal space.

As such, it is the individual decisions of whoever will be sleeping in the bedroom that will dictate much of the overall design. However, there’s some good tips and pieces of advice, which can generally be followed to help turn a bedroom into a palace.

An Adult Palace

The first decision should be the colour scheme. For an adult's bedroom, the traditional choice will be laid-back and subtle shades such as pastels, creams or beiges. Plain wallpaper will help to compliment the overall effect, and it is a good idea to avoid clutter throughout as much of the bedroom as possible: a few items of furniture, such as a place to keep clothes and a nightstand for essential items, are all that will really be needed for the majority of house owners. Always remember that the perfect bedroom in this situation will be set up to help clear your mind and prepare you for a comfortable night's sleep.

For Little Princes & Princesses

If you are designing the bedroom of a child, however, things will be different. What an adult sees as clutter will be a natural element of the bedroom to a child: many kids will have collections of toys or walls decked with posters, and will want their bedrooms designed to fully display these. Also bear in mind that a child's bedroom is often a "mini house", with items of furniture which, for adults, would be located in other rooms - a desk for writing and homework, a bookshelf or two, maybe space for a television in the case of older children. Because of this, designing a child's bedroom is often a more demanding task. Colour schemes are also apt to be rather more vibrant: each child will have his or her favourite colours and will probably want to pick the schemes themselves.

While we wouldn’t encourage children to use them candles add an opulent feel that brings that added touch of luxury. In these days of austerity it doesn’t take much to add this layer of elegance on top, so why not treat yourself to something that won’t cost you the earth.

This quick guide should serve as an introduction to the world of bedroom design. The key things you must remember are to communicate with the occupant of the room, stay within your price range, and let your imagination guide you.

Tim Aldiss writes for Yankee Candle the home of decorative candles.

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