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Memory Foam Mattresses

When it comes to changing or buying a new mattress for the bedroom, you are sure to bump into memory foam mattresses. Surely, one of the first things you will notice about this mattress over other conventional mattresses is that they are pricier. Even though that is the case, more and more people are buying memory foam mattresses in recent years. To save some of your time looking around for consumer's experience, below are a summary of the advantages a memory foam mattress can offer.

Many users said sleeping on a memory foam mattress is more comfortable and as many as two-third of the buyers would prefer sleeping on them over other type of mattresses.

Dust Mite
Since memory foam mattresses are not made of fiber, wool or cotton they have no food to feed dust mite. This can prevent the mite from breeding in easily and hence they are considered dust mite resistant.

Motion Transfer
This somehow matters when you are sleeping with a partner. Conventional beds that use innerspring mattress tend to transfer motion from one person's movement to another during sleep. Sometimes even a knock at one side of the bed might accidentally wake your partner up too. This problem is solved with memory foam mattress. There is almost no motion transfer because it absorbs every movement caused so that it will not affect those who are sleeping on it. Owners praised their memory foam beds for little to no motion disturbance which can hardly be found in other type of mattresses.

The utmost important factor of buying a mattress is to make sure it can provide the best support for your night sleep. Bad sleeps will cause neck and back pains which is a common problem among people who sleep on low quality mattresses. On the other hand, memory foam mattresses are able to provide the right support a body needs. The body pressure is evenly distributed on the surface and you can feel that it conforms to your body shape and contours. Moreover, it will respond to the temperature which is good thing for relieving painful area. Any injured part of your body will release more heat than usual, thus the heat will further soften the mattress on those area.

Like any other mattresses, memory foam will eventually sag, lose support and become uncomfortable too. However, it is less likely to happened compare to other type of beds. Even though no furniture can last for ever, as long as it is worth your investment that is all that count.

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