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Give Your Living Room A Modern Feel - Tricks and Tips

It can sometimes be difficult to decorate well, especially if you are starting from scratch. One style which is hot at the moment is modern, with the use of clean and minimalistic touches, meaning that you don’t have to go to a huge amount of effort to transform your living room feel comfortable and fashionable!

Block colours are a great look for walls, flooring and furniture, and if you want your room to have a touch of class, ensure you've got just a dash of black incorporated in the space. Some colour combinations I love at the moment are black and red cream (for the homely but stylish touch), orange white, cream, and dark grey (for the bachelor pad clean-cut, look), and green with light greys, whites, and a hint of cream (for a clean, fresh feeling room).

Photo by stenza

Keep your brighter colour of your chosen palette for a single feature wall, and contrast it with a beautifully subtle white or cream for the rest of the walls. You could complement this feature colour with a similarly coloured lamp or vase on the opposite side of the room, providing some balance. You shouldn’t think that you should leave your walls bare, tasteful and well placed photographs or paintings will do wonders to the white or cream section of a wall, and you could even try installing black roman blinds for your windows to add some more colour to the mix. In the day, your room will be fresh and bright with your the pale walls reflecting the light from the windows, then in the evening the blackout blinds will let you have complete control of the feeling in the room with your lighting choices - for this I recommend low-hanging ceiling lights with geometrical shades and maybe some wall-lighting on a single wall of choice.

You could try a low sofa, which can help to make a room look a little bigger, in your chosen feature colour, or a light grey, black or paler version of your chosen signature colour, this depends on what you think will suit the shape and size of your room best. Add a couple of cushions with a rug of a similar colour maybe with a pattern, and your living room floor will now start to look substantially better! Don’t forget the central piece to your new room: the coffee table. We would recommend something either black, dark wood, or glass, as these help to bring a room together around your feature colour, and the most stylish thing that you can get at the moment will sturdy, low table.

If you are planning to have a plant in your new fashionable room, make sure that it's easily manageable, if it is a large wild plant it may look out of place in a modern living room. Something tropical can really suit darker rooms or rooms which use orange, but if you’ve gone for a fresh look with greens, try using a darker green colour of plant to add some variety to your room.

These simple tips will hopefully make a real difference to any room, and will help towards a completely modern look, as long as you ensure that you keep your lovely new living space clutter free. And of course, make sure that you use your personal judgment as well as a second opinion, as every room is unique and has a different modern look.

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