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Why Choose a Modern Wall Mirror for Your Bathroom?

Art deco mirrors have always proved to be a popular trend in home décor. The Art Deco style is widely recognized by its use of materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and lacquered or inlaid wood. The bold use of extravagant layered forms and flowing curves, as well as chevron patterns and the sunburst motif are common features of Art Deco mirrors. These mirrors have served as beautiful additions in furnishing and style, and have proved to be creative tools in brightening and enlarging rooms.

Art Deco was a popular design movement in the 1920’s and 1930’s. This movement combined several styles and ideas including neoclassical, cubism, modernism, art nouveau and futurism. Art Deco represents a style that is elegant, functional, and modern. The structure of this style is based on geometric shapes, both jagged and curved. Art Deco is commonly accepted to be an eclectic form of chic and stylish modernism. This style became widely sought after in the 1960’s and again in the 1980’s due to the growing interest in graphic design.

Using Art Deco mirrors in the bedroom is a great way to add interest and drama to the room. Using retro style frameless wall mirrors instead of an unsightly dresser attached mirror allows much compliance for placement and creativity for use. Wall mirrors can be placed on an opposing wall from a window to reflect natural light creating an ambient atmosphere. The bedroom allows for a wider range of wall mirrors, as bedroom décor is allows more flexibility in style and design compared to bathrooms and other rooms featuring wall mirrors.

Concerning bathroom mirrors, the in-wall medicine cabinets and direct wall mount mirrors can be unsightly and extremely unstylish. The fixtures and components almost always seem to quickly eradicate, and these pieces simply do not compliment trending styles and designs. Art deco mirrors are fashionable, timeless pieces that add flair to the bathroom. Larger mirrors allow the reflection of more light, which makes the room appear bigger and brighter. Having a bright bathroom will aid in early morning preparations, as will having a large mirror to cover more area and allow flexibility and ease of use when it comes to sharing bathroom space, or even rearranging counter top décor.

These mirrors do not have to be limited to being used as counter mirrors. They can also be creatively placed alongside standalone tubs, in hallways, above wall dividers or larger mirrors can be hung on the back of the door for a convenient full body reflection while preparing to go out. Art Deco mirrors are popularly featured in kitchens, dining rooms and entrance ways. This is an elegant and functional style of mirror that can creatively be used to add light and drama to any space.

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