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Not Just a Garden Shed

Whilst many will fill their garden shed with frequently used tools and equipment, the majority use them to store used and unwanted furniture, ornaments and other items that are yet to be discarded of. With a thorough clean-up and a slight re-arrangement of gardening tools, a shed can become whatever the owner desires, within reason. You can turn a simple garden shed into an outdoor retreat selecting from hot tubs and spas, (this is a good choice with windowed garden sheds) and have a shelter from the elements, while enjoying your spa, the possibilities are as endless as the owners imagination.

Begin by clearing out all items that are in the shed, finding alternative homes for essential tools. A garage, loft or porch is ideal. Once the shed is empty, begin a thorough clean of the area, removing all dirt, mess and dust that has built up over time. Gardening equipment can create a whole lot of filth, meaning extra time and care should be taken to ensure that the shed is clean and ready for painting.

It is extremely important to remember to purchase an emulsion that is suitable on wooden surfaces to avoid flaking and an uneven coverage. The colour you choose to paint the interior of the shed depends solely on the type of room or space you are trying to create. There are a whole variety of options:

A workshop : Whether it is for work or to practice a well-loved hobby, workshops will be needed for anybody who dabbles in woodwork. Undergoing work in the home will cause many problems, and even dangers. Noise, mess and space are just some of the implications involved with carpentry within the home. Children and pets should be kept well away from tools and sharp, heavy objects. By creating a workshop in the back garden, workers are able to carry out their duties away from the house, free from vulnerable ones and in peace. This way all tools, projects and equipment can be stored safely and securely in one place.

An office : There are many people who are now choosing to work from home. Although this may seem desirable, the distractions that can be experienced whilst attempting to work at home can cause real concentration problems. Still being close to home whilst being able to completely engross one’s self in business duties is the perfect option. By setting up a broadband connection from the house into the shed, a whole home office can be created in the back garden. USB dongles can be purchased that link up directly to your modem to achieve fast and effective internet connection. Desks, book shelves and files can all be included, constructing a sophisticated space to conduct work commitments.

A playhouse: Families with children can find themselves drowned in clutter, as toys, books and games soon pile up and cause unwanted obstructions. Finding a close and convenient place to store these can be difficult, with many choosing to simply purchase boxes and extra toy bags. However, with a lick of bright, colourful paint, a shed can be transformed into a fun and exciting play house and storage space for children to enjoy. Knowing that a child is experiencing quality, active time outside whilst in a safe and secure environment is important for any parent; this solution will allow for just that. A mini table and chairs, portable television and toy boxes can be placed around the room to create a play spectacular on your back doorstep.

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