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Reinventing with a blast of paint

While the motto “New year, new you” is everywhere each January, now is also the perfect time to show your home some love with a little reinvention; with entire websites and Pinterest boards dedicated to home décor, there have never been so many possibilities when it comes to reimagining your home. If you want to make some big changes, a lot can be achieved with just a lick of paint; try it, you’ll be surprised how fresh your home will suddenly feel.

Breathe new life into your furniture

Redesigning and decorating your furniture isn’t just a cost-effective alternative to purchasing replacement items, but is also excellent for sustainability. Breathing new life into your fixtures, fittings, and furnishings is a great way to ensure that they’ll be with you for years to come, and is fantastic for the environment. It is possible to make a vibrant difference to your home, and this may inspire change elsewhere in your life. There is nothing quite like a little reinvention, after all.

Upcycling your existing furniture can be as simple as adding a new coat of paint, or reupholstering your chairs or suite. If you’re thinking bigger, whole rooms can be completely transformed by sanding down furniture, repainting items to match your vision, and adorning the room with new accessories; if you’re a fan of vintage or shabby chic, the distressed look can be incredibly easy and cost-effective to achieve, while bolder designs can be enhanced with well-placed splashes of color.

Add a splash of color

When adding a little color to your interiors it is essential to consider the materials that you’ll be using. Were you aware just how many types of paint are available nowadays? For example, Chalk Paint, a range of decorative paints made by Annie Sloane, is particularly popular right now, offering homeowners and designers the chance to create some truly stunning finishes in a range of historical colors. Chalk Paint is also fantastic on just about every surface, and requires little preparation. Similarly, gloss paint, emulsion, matte finish, silk, and satin paints can be used around the home, and will all produce a slightly different look. There are numerous ways you can prepare furniture and apply paint, including waxing, buffing, using rollers or brushes, dip or powder coating, and distressing. These days, interior design offers so much scope for making changes with a simple selection of color and application.

Think outside the box

When redesigning your home, or even certain key rooms, injecting even a little of your personality can reap fantastic results. Almost anything can be painted, or repainted, for maximum impact, so think big. Consider the style you’re aiming for, and the ways in which it can be achieved. For example, a minimalist look can be complemented with brightly painted shutters to add a dash of color, while shabby chic and vintage styles are really brought together by the colors and accessories with which you choose to work. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and patterns.

You don’t have to be a professional to indulge in a little interior design from time to time. In fact, with so many opportunities to be creative, and inspiration around every corner, reinventing your home has never been easier.

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