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Tips for Renting Apartments While Traveling Abroad

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Many travelers prefer to rent apartments when traveling abroad for longer periods of time, but rental properties abroad (and the process to rent them) varies drastically depending where you are traveling – and where you’re from. If you’ve lived your whole life in spacious apartments in San Diego, with the California coastline as your front yard, finding a suitable apartment in a foreign country may be quite an experience. Consider these tips before making your decision.

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Research, Research and More Research

Thanks to the internet it is quite easy to do a lot of research before you travel anywhere. You can find listings for rental properties as well as reviews and even complaints. Start by researching the area and then specific apartments. Because the regulations worldwide are different than they are in the United States, you do need to be extra careful. Read reviews carefully and with a critical eye. Reviews that seem to be written by Americans who visited there may be some of the most reliable and useful because they likely have similar expectations to your own. When it comes to carefully selecting rental properties abroad, you can’t do too much research.

Do Not Make Any Assumptions

Light fixtures, curtains and large appliances will be included – right? Don’t get caught making assumptions. Just because certain features and amenities are available in the U.S. you can’t expect that every other country does the same. For example, some European apartments may not come with window coverings or even light fixtures. Make sure to get a complete list of what is included in the apartment and what you are expected to provide. Many apartments will offer on-site security, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and maid service. There will likely be plenty of amenities; but make a point to find out and get everything in writing.

Clarify All Fees

The listed price may not include all of the potential fees. Find out if there are any additional fees associated with the apartments for rent in the specific country you are traveling in, or amenities you will need to use during your stay. Again, get everything in writing so there will not be any surprises when you arrive.

Ask for a Discount

Often Americans will just assume that the listed price is the price. However in other countries they assume that people will negotiate. Before agreeing to the listed rental price or deposit amount, ask about discounts – especially if you’ll be staying for a long time. If the landlord allows extended leases, the longer you stay the easier it will be on them and it may be worth a discount.

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