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Replenishing Your Vertical Blinds

If your vertical blinds are starting to look a little less than their best, or perhaps an accident has happened and one of the slats has become broken you'll be pleased to know that with just a little DIY knowledge replacing individual slats is not only possible but also quite easy. Replacing an individual slat is of course far easier than replacing the entire blind.

So if you are looking to replace your vertical blinds or just clean them up a bit, here is a quick step by step guide:

  1. First we need to take out the blind's vane, to do this open up the blinds and lift the vane from off the carrier or holder. You must curve the vane so that you can carrier and hold it down to remove the vane.
  2. If your blinds have a spacer chain (if the vanes are made from aluminium or vinyl they almost certainly will) you will need to remove the fastener screw at the bottom of this chain. Once it’s removed you should be able to feed the chain through the spacer chain your replacing and the remaining spacers.
  3. With fabric blinds remove the detach the spacer chain connector from only one side of the vane; take the weight from its pocket and from the lower part of the vain.
  4. You can then gently push the new vein into the fastener by aligning it’s bend in the same direction as those running through the other veins. Then gripping the veins push it up into the fastener and push down to lock.
  5. With vinyl or aluminium vanes you can then feed the chain through the replacements openings and then through the existing vanes and of course the fastening point. To make sure you get the right spacing, cut a piece of cardboard to the same width as the space between the other veins and hold this in place to make sure the replacement vein is positioned correctly.
  6. If you have fabric veins be sure to take the weight from the old vein and place it in the new vein's pocket .
  7. Replacing the head rail can be a little more complicated and is really a two person job. You need to first remove all the veins as described above as well taking the head rail from the mounting brackets. Depending on the design of your head rail this normally means swivelling the arm of the mounting bracket to unfasten the head rail. This is where a friend comes in handy as they can hold the end of the rail to ensure it does not fall on you.

If you are looking to buy some new vertical blinds, consider visiting online blinds stores like Interior Goods Direct, I'm sure you can find a good number of choices there.

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