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Roller Blinds to Finish a Baby's Nursery

All the effort that you put into ensuring your babies nursery is a lively colourful environment that can stimulate a baby's imagination is great. However when you spend so much time thinking about designs and colour schemes it can sometimes be too easy to forget one of the primary purposes of a nursery, giving your baby a place to sleep. Babies need to take naps during the day and get a lot of sleep; this is great for their development and also great for giving you a break.

So when planning a nursery you need to give thought to ways you can help facilitate this sleep, the obvious place to start is with choosing an appropriate window dressing. Although it can be very tempting to choose pretty pink curtains with cartoon characters on, these often aren't very good at blocking out light. However at the same time thick blackout curtains aren't always the most inspiring for a child. The solution could be looking into fitting roller blinds. These are great for minimising the light let into a room but at the same time they also leave enough space to fit more decorative curtains over the top. With a roller blind you really can have the best of both worlds.

If you are on a budget and don't want to have both curtains and blinds, you could also considering decorating your blinds so that they can be just as appealing as curtains. Whether you pick roller blinds that come in bright colours or ones that have pretty patterns on, there is no reason why blinds can't add just as much to the decor of your room as curtains.

The more creative among you may also want to consider painting your own picture on the blinds. Roller blinds come in a range of different materials many of which can be painted on. Just stretch the blinds out like you would a canvas, pencil on your outline, then get the acrylic paints out. As long as the paint dries properly before you roll the blinds your design should be long lasting and something really personal and unique for your child.

However you decide to go about choosing your window dressing, you can be sure of one thing. There will be afternoons you draw the blinds and put your baby in there crib and smile.

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