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Things you should know about Solid Hardwood Floors

There are different types of floorings that can be done using solid hardwood these days. The three most common ones are plank flooring, strip flooring and parquet flooring. There are certain things you need to be careful about while installing solid hardwood floors. These are highly sensitive to moisture and should not be installed below ground level. Installing them over a concrete slab is not advised at all. Excessive moisture can cause these wooden floors to buckle, and to avoid this there should be adequate space or gaps for them to expand. The best way to install these floors is to use the nail-down technique. Refinishing and re-coating of these floors occasionally will increase its lifespan and enhance its appearance to a great deal.

There are some chemicals in various cleaning products that react with hardwood and may cause damage to it. Thus it is recommended that you use products according to what is instructed by the manufacturers. Dirt, grit, mud and stones tend to ruin the hardwood floor’s finishing; to avoid this use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum your hardwood floor regularly. You should even be cautious while choosing your furniture which will be placed over these wooden floors. Make sure the legs of the furniture are not made up of wooden or sharp metal legs to avoid scrapes and dents. Heavy furniture should be accompanied with stainless rubber cups fitted on their legs. Keep the hardwood floor clean. Wipe them with damp towel or paper cloth in case of spills; allow it to dry well thereafter.

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