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What to Store In Your Storage Bed

Beds come in all shapes and sizes and are a treasured part of any family home, but did you realise that the space your bed occupies could effectively be used to store a myriad of different things?

No-one likes clutter and storage beds are proving a popular way to help organise the chaos of life in modern households. If you’ve been thinking about getting a storage bed you’ve come to the right place. Let’s have a look at some of the different types of beds on the market and what the extra storage can be used for.

Types of Storage Bed

When most people think of storage beds, they think of beds with drawers on one or either side of the divan. Although these type of beds remain popular and are a fantastic way to store things which are easily accessible, there is an alternative. Ottoman storage beds are lift-up storage beds with a large area of free space hidden away beneath the mattress. These beds provide masses of extra storage and keep it all safely tucked away. People love ottomans because the storage space is easy to access and getting everything in and out of the storage beds is easy too. In fact, you’ll be amazed at just how much you can store.

Storage beds come in all different styles, colours and fabrics, so don’t worry about being able to find one that will fit the design and theme of your bedroom.

To Store or not to Store?

Now you’ve got your bed, what do you put in it? Well, pretty much anything. If the doors to your wardrobe won’t close because you’ve got too many clothes and shoes in there. Help is at hand in the shape of your storage bed. If you’ve got children and the toys have outgrown their room, a storage bed will provide the solution. You’ve updated to an ipod and a kindle but you can’t bear to part with your treasured CD or book collection, well the storage bed will provide a safe haven for them both.

In fact a good storage bed can become a home to anything from golf clubs, computer equipment, stereos, files, even olds TVs. And if you want to be really traditional you can use it to store bedding linen and towels. Whatever takes your fancy, a storage bed is a great way to maximise all your available living space.

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