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The Changing Face of Shower Enclosure

We have a never-ending wish list, and to fulfill our desires we stretch ourselves in any direction. A thought of rain showers at home to take a bath, while keeping the entire home dry was not possible, and that led the invention of shower heads, a revolutionary method of bathing, where we started having rain like showering in our bathing areas.

Chasing the list, there were several amusing discoveries made in the shower heads that generated more enthusiasm in showering, the sizes, shapes and functionality, all changed gradually. While all this was on, the spirit of utmost joy was still missing. The hunt for a striking luxury did not stop and intended the creation of shower enclosure, an enclosed area with glass, framed from all sides, with open top.

In early stages, shower enclosures were introduced for large size bathrooms, where space was at abundance. Shower enclosures were also related to one of the luxurious elements of bathrooms. The shower enclosures offered by many companies were found pleasing for that time, but as time went, the need for enhancement generated.

The intelligent designers of today's time have significantly transformed a luxury into a necessity. Shower enclosures are no more only a large bathroom's kitty; even smaller bathrooms can now have shower enclosures. Based up on the requirement of space, and utility, the designers have formulated shower enclosure for almost all the bathrooms that exist. To make a shower enclosure soothing with the ambiance, we can have shower enclosures in various forms, shapes and sizes.

Hinged Shower Doors are now smartly distinguished with the orientation of a bathroom. We can avail shower enclosure either with frame or frameless, with a wide array of sliding or hinged door options. As compared to the shower enclosures in early days, recent ones are more reliable, opulent, and robust. The shower enclosures in the past were installed at the place where shower outlet existed, but today we can invigorate our bathroom by installing it at any place of the bathroom.

Now-a-days we have shower enclosures with raised height than the ground level, which rests on shower trays. Shower trays play a vital role in having subtle shower enclosures. Versatile forms of dedicated shower tray are available to derive the most amazing showering experience. Shower trays are 50 to 60mm in height, but we can also get the shower tray with easy plumb option. These shower trays are 100 to 120mm high, providing the comfort to maintain the plumbing system beneath the tray, easily. Shower tray not only keeps the shower space aloof from your bathroom surface, but also enables us to fix the shower enclosure firmly on it. Some of the shower tray features antislip surfaces, which is an added advantage of recent shower enclosures.

We cannot stop ourselves in chasing our dreams, and this might lead us to have more innovation, improvisation in the existing shower enclosures.

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