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Create the Perfect Traditional Kitchen

Is there anything more pleasing to the eye and welcoming than a traditional rustic kitchen? The popular sleek and chic modern kitchen designs cannot hope to match their appealing warmth. If you’re planning to redesign and redecorate your kitchen in the traditional rustic style here are some helpful guidelines.

It’s a good idea to start from the floor and work your way up. Hardwood floors are perfect for your traditional kitchen. Whether you choose oak, ash, maple, beech, walnut or iroko, you can also have a hardwood kitchen worktop and colour code your traditional cabinets and shelving to give your kitchen fittings a stylish coherence.

While a few kitchen cabinets will look fine, be sure to have open shelving throughout your traditional kitchen and look in antique shops for some vintage kitchenware to display on it. An old fashioned kettle or copper cooking pot will look wonderful and add some vintage charm to your decor.

The colour scheme of your traditional kitchen is extremely important. Go for autumnal colours like golden yellow, russet, crimson, dark browns, light browns and orange. Floral patterns and ceramic tiles are also a good choice and will help evoke the natural rustic feel you’re looking for.

No rustic kitchen can afford to be without a large farmhouse table at which the family can congregate, eat and converse. Try to find a fetching check tablecloth to spread over it, perhaps in rust and white. At the centre of the farmhouse table place a flower arrangement or harvest display in the autumn.

Your kitchen furniture should be either antique or farmhouse. Chairs will look great with handmade cushions, again in autumnal colours or with a floral or check pattern. Walls can be adorned with a handcrafted wooden farmhouse clock and maybe some suitable prints, the famous paintings of Constable would be a perfect fit.

While it may be difficult to achieve architecturally, a beamed ceiling is the perfect complement to your traditional rustic kitchen fittings, decor and flooring. It’s possible to have beams installed if your kitchen doesn’t have them already. While this costs money, the finished effect is worth it.

It's then just a matter of finding the right rustic accessories. Seek out copper pots and pans, earthenware and vintage utensils like ladles and kitchen tongs. Now throw a kitchen warming party and unveil your new look kitchen to your family and friends.

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