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Transform an Old house into a Modern Living Space

Make a facelift to the flooring

When the tiles of your home are a little too old and the carpets have worn out, it's time to upgrade the flooring to give it an instant facelift. Pull out the old carpets and cover the floor with porcelain tiles that you can buy online. Choose from the many tile styles and designs that you like. You may also opt for a polished concrete floor or PVC coating, whichever is easier and more convenient to you. Porcelain tiles flooring in my opinion gives the most beautiful effect. If your budget is a little bit restricted then there is no need to replace the entire flooring. What you can do is a full cleaning and polishing to give it a sparkling new look.

Remodel the kitchen

A beautiful home deserves a practical and functional kitchen. If you can't afford expensive tiles, you can paint your walls with your favorite color. These days white lacquer or Wenge (dark wood color) are in kitchen fashion. You can also upgrade your bar counter by covering it with a raw aluminum or wood. If your countertop is rolled, you can repaint it with flashy colors.

Extend your home

If you think your house is too small, you can earn more square meters by adding an extension. There are several ways to make an expansion. The first solution is to encroach on your available garden space through conventional construction works. The second solution is to raise the house, however a complex operation is necessary to remove the frame. Before you decide to do so, make sure to check that your house can handle the overload. It is then possible to consider a change in style of your house. You can add an extension of wood, metal, stone or classic style. Do not hesitate to seek advice from several architects.

Add value to your house

Stonework, timber, raw lime, some houses were built in the style of their region or their time. If you are lucky to have these treasures of architectural authenticity, you need to preserve and enhance it. You can then undertake the restoration of the traditional elements in respect of old techniques. Many craftsmen specialize in this area, try them.

Refresh the facade

If the exterior of your rustic home is damaged, it is best to refresh the front. To rejuvenate a home without excessive costs, you can simply paint the doors, windows and shutters. Similarly, you can refresh your driveway with beautiful tiles.

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