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Upholstered Selections

Upholstery and carefully selected upholstered items can be such an inspired selection when planning the decor for a new home. Upholstery can effortlessly set the tone for an entire room in such a reserved and inviting manner. I personally use this train of thought when putting together various interior styling ideas for a room the demands character.

It is no secret that there are fewer charismatic rooms in one’s house than the master bedroom. Clearly upholstery can really play an important role with both contemporary and classic styling. In the bedroom the centre piece for most is the master bed.

Upholstered beds in the modern day are available with a vast array of custom options. From the fabric to the colour, texture and even the design of the beds feet! Natural, inviting colours can set a neutral tone without limiting ones accessory options. Over the last few months mink upholstered beds have seen a sudden surge within its exciting niche and with new models added every week the trend is clearly gathering considerable pace. Personally a more traditional fudge piece of upholstery is my bag and can work extremely well especially with matching wooden accessories. Suitably positioned alongside appropriate soft furnishings - an upholstered bed can bring out the absolute best in subtle styling lines.

Fabric is not only domineering within the bedroom of course. When selecting a new sofa the most important consideration has to be from its upholstery. Which fabric? Which colour? Which matching items? The queen of upholstery can open so many styling doors - especially with the cold winter ahead of us. Be sure to choose carefully but above all enjoy your upholstery!

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