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Using Bean bags as a Stylish Sofa Alternative

When it comes to interior design, bean bags can be an indispensable addition to any living space due to their versatility, able to stand out as a main feature in living rooms and bedrooms whilst providing a premium relaxation experience.

Bean bags have been designed as a contemporary alternative to settees and armchairs. The initial idea behind the bean bag was to create stylish mobile furniture that is made from lightweight and durable material. Often made from easy to clean material they can remain free from stains and retain that fresh up to date look, making them the ideal solution in homes with children or pets.

Available in a range of styles, sizes and colours and with the ability to maintain their contours, shape and style, designer bean bags are able to blend into any living space with ease. Available in a two tone variation, which is ideal for those seeking a unique room design, or in single tones which are sure to appeal to those with a more traditional living area. With vibrant colours such as yellow and orange available, through to classic-look black and beige, there are bean bags to match any room design.

Being lightweight and robust in nature means that bean bags are the ideal solution to seating in the home, with uses in both indoor living areas and in the garden, they are adaptable yet stylish.

So whether looking for a new sofa or to brighten up a bedroom or living room or whether looking for an alternative sun lounger in the summer, at Fashion for Home there is sure to be a beanbag for all situations.

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