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Fun With Wall Stickers

It can certainly cost a lot of time and money furnishing and beautifying our home, but how long it takes and how much it costs simply depends on the idea and motivation that drive us to carry out the job.

Consider doing some small changes part by part if you are doing it yourself instead of thinking about having a massive remodeling or home improvement project that might cost you an arm and a leg. Not to mention, you could be leaving a really big mess behind if you are not doing it right.

As a smart homeowner, you would prefer to opt for a quick solution and decors that are much more cost effective. That is why many people now are getting wall stickers to furnish their home and the designs can be as unique as you want. If you are just thinking of filling up the empty space on your wall, these wall stickers are just what you've been looking for, simple and fast.

Most wall decals are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with a sticky layer at the bottom side. To make the installation process even easier, the wall decals are often sold with two extra plastic films on both the top and bottom sides, which are peeled off after you applied the sticker.

Contemporary arts, cartoons, flowers, butterflies and letterings are some of the motifs, themes and designs available in most wall stickers, the choices are practically boundless. Hence, finding a suitable design for your home and especially your children's room is not going to be difficult.

To properly install a decal, you'll have to make sure that the wall is clean and free from any dusts or small particles, then apply it carefully to prevent air bubbles from trapping inside the sticker. The process simply begins with peeling off the bottom protective layer, then slowly applying the sticker onto the wall and lastly, peeling out the top protection layer once all the air bubbles are pushed out. A needle is useful in removing tiny air bubbles that are trapped inside, simply by poking a hole onto the bubble's surface.

Usually the lifespan of a wall sticker might not last over a decade but for the time being, it can definitely impress your friends and neighbors when they come by your house. Not only are these wall stickers the ideal and fun solution to your blank walls, they won't cost you much, with each wall sticker available from just ten to a few hundred dollars. You will be impressed by the designs of these decals and how good it may look when it is up on your wall.

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