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Why Bespoke Curtains?

A highly popular type of window covering, a curtain can be the focal point of a room, that is why it is very important to have a multitude of choices as well as custom features to finish them to your liking and in accordance with your view of the room. Since in soft furnishings diversity is crucial, curtains nowadays can be made in virtually any style with plain, pattern, striped, floral and even themed designs and, as a bonus, for bespoke curtains you can further customize them deciding on the way in which they are finished as it can completely change the overall visual effect and cater to special needs like covering extra large windows or glass wall areas.

Customers are presented with so many options that at times it can be a daunting task to make the right decision. First step before trying to choose a curtain is to decide whether it will be hung on a track or on a curtain pole. The main reason for which this is an important criterion is that due to the fact that curtains are sold with different finishing styles on the upper end, also known as headings, there are limitations: for example an eyelet curtain is not compatible with a track whilst for curtain poles headings with fuller pleats will look best.

Another major decision is whether to go for ready made or bespoke curtains. From a strictly economical perspective, ready made curtains seem to be a good option, but the downside is that they will not come in a diversified range of designs and colours and cannot be personalized in terms of finishes or size. So while paying less, you will need to compromise not only on design but on overall effect as well as they come in a limited array of sizes and most of the time they will either take too much room due to excess in size or will inadequately cover the designated area if you have, for example, extra large windows or glass walls.

That is why bespoke curtains are a better choice. Major advantages presented by this type of product range from suitability within the designated area, design, overall finishes, size and in the end money. Due to high competition within the window coverings industry, manufacturers are always trying to bring forth cost effective products which will meet demands in terms of aesthetics, functionality and price without compromising on quality and bespoke curtains are a testament of that fact.

With bespoke curtains customers can c have a deciding role in how the curtains will look in the end opting for a wide array of features. They can go for virtually any fabric style: eye-catching colours, intricate patterns, geometric shaped motifs, astonishing floral designs and more and. For custom made curtains a variety of heading types are also available. Matching accessories such as pillow covers and tie backs are also an option while lining is finished with quality stitching and can be ordered in one of various translucency and energy efficiency ratings. Moreover both width as well as drop of the curtain will be calculated so as to provide the desired effect visually and functionally optimally covering and dressing the designated window or glass wall area.

So while ready made curtains might seem a good option, why settle when you can go for the best and fully personalize and complete your interiors with bespoke curtains especially designed and manufactured to your requirements which in time will prove to be a wise investment since they will fit your interiors better, cover your windows efficiently and match your interiors perfectly.

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