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Why Buy a Bed With Storage?

Even in the most spacious of bedrooms, what is the single item of furniture that takes up the most room? Unless you have a walk-in wardrobe, then your answer will probably be 'the bed'. And if you have plenty of space, you're probably perfectly comfortable with having a large piece of furniture taking up a large amount of floor space whilst serving just the one function: to be somewhere to sleep.

But if you're a bit short on space, you should consider what other functions your bed could serve in order to maximise the space you have and minimise the amount of clutter in your bedroom: could it function as bed and storage? Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, after all, and be somewhere where you can relax and unwind - and that's very hard to do if your wardrobes are bursting at the seams and your chest of drawers has so many things on top of it that you can hardly see your bedside table.

There are a couple of ways to make your bed work harder to make your small bedroom more comfortable. The first can help if you also use your bedroom to socialise: if you own a small flat and need all the space you can get when guests are visiting, then why not buy a sofa bed instead of a regular bed? That way, you can have a whole other room to invite guests into for drinks or to talk without anyone needing to perch on the edge of your bed.

The second idea is to choose a bed that has added storage space beneath the frame, or a bunk bed that gives you ample space beneath for things like a desk or additional storage such as a wardrobe, shelves or chests of drawers.

Bed storage comes in three basic formats: the divan unit that has drawers on either side that can be pulled out and filled with whatever you need (usually bed linen or towels); traditional wooden beds (often oak beds) that have space beneath for stand-alone drawers that can be pulled in and out on castors; or frames that incorporate a flip-up mechanism at the foot of the bed so that you can raise the entire end of the bed to access storage space beneath (good for larger items that need storing).

If you still need additional storage space despite your efforts to store things under your bed, then take a good look at your wardrobe and see if you can fit a chest of drawers inside - you get extra storage space without having to take up more floor space. If you want to know where to buy beds with storage visit the Sleeproom.com and read the Sleeproom reviews.

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