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Home Improvement with Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are great for adding sophistication to a room as the wide range of colours and designs available means that they will find it easy to find a set to fit in with any theme you care to think of.

Wooden blinds in their natural colours have an organic feel that allows them to blend with the theme of most rooms. They also act as a subtle indicator of sophistication and class which give great character to the rooms in which they're fitted. So for example you can use dark wood in the dining room to give a seductive and mysterious air and contrast it with light wood in the bedroom to make the morning appear that much brighter. Wood is also a lot more hardwearing than other materials. Whilst alternative materials will quickly start looking old and battered if not carefully looked after, (Aluminium slats in particular have a bad habit of twisting) wood improves over time, as an aged look gives the wood character.

Of course all blinds will need some care and attention; even the simplest of products do after all. You need not panic though – cleaning your blinds does not need to be an arduous chore. In fact for most blinds all you'll need to do is wipe down the slats occasionally with a damp cloth. For the majority of blinds the use of chemical cleaning equipment isn't recommended as it can damage the wood. If you're unsure then check the instructions. But the general rule is that if no chemicals are specified then be safe and don't use any.

Wooden blinds have become increasingly fashionable recently. Go to any window furnishers and you will see that there is huge range of blinds available. In fact a quick online search will bring you many specialist blind retailers dedicated to these products.

Given the wide range of products out there it is worth making sure you know what you want and why before you buy. Make sure you know what colours and styles you would like for your windows. One thing I'd like to recommend is reading up on the different woods used to produce the different types of blinds. For example basswood which is used in more affordable blinds walnut for a traditional look or bamboo for a more exotic touch.

Another great advantage that blinds have is that they are far easier to install than other window furnishings. You need not be to be an expert to fit them you simply need to make sure that you have a screwdriver, a drill, some wall plugs and a pencil then follow the instructions provided. The blinds will should come with screws, but it's worth having a few on the side just in case. With properly measured blinds the whole process shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes.

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