Google analytics

Google Ranking determines how high the search engine can place your website.

Although it has been improved over the years, there are still some basic fundamentals that need to be adhered to. To be sure, you can reach the top of the ranking.

The first thing that every website needs to know is the presence of Google. This will help a lot. If you have a good home page, the chances are good that your competitors will also have one. So keep yours high and if possible, optimize it further to make it stand out from the crowd.

It’s important that you choose a good home page because if you do not, your traffic will just vanish into thin air. Make sure that your homepage contains keywords. The search engines love those, they can spot these as being related to your topic or a recommendation of yours. So if you can, find keywords that you can use in your title or in the first paragraph of your home page.

Next, make sure that your site has good content that is written by an expert.

You will need to make your content interesting to your visitors and at the same time useful. In this way, Google is much more likely to rank your website high than if you just have a lot of irrelevant articles.

There should be a high keyword density. It is more difficult to rank high with low keyword density because of the fact that the search engines have less people looking for your keyword compared to people who are looking for it. Therefore, in order to get that coveted number one ranking you need to have enough keywords on your website.

Search engines are more likely to rank web pages that have high quality content. Thus, if you put the effort in organizing your content properly, you can get the attention of Google. It is not wise to produce content only to get this attention because you can only take it so far and it is up to the search engines to realize what you have written.

After a while, your site will become visible to the search engines. Thus, they will make an effort to crawl your website and rank it high. It will help if you have a lot of back links pointing to your site because it shows that you really care about your site.

  • A good directory is good but you have to make sure that the directory is listed well.
  • This is so Google is assured that your site is ranked high and will appear at the top.
  • If there are only poor directories, it may give Google false hopes that your site is unimportant.

Keep in mind that the search engine spiders have a process in place for indexing. They don’t like to waste time and labor. So, if they find nothing, it is a waste of time. Your site may look fine, but this may give you the opportunity to get penalized.

The good news is that Google likes fresh content on your site’s content. The spiders also look at the links pointing to your site. If there are many stale pages, they will not see the link and will assume that you do not care about your site. This may make them not trust the content and may lead to that dreaded penalty.

To be sure, you should use a good-quality meta tag. Again, this will assure that the search engines see that you care about your site. The search engines love that.

With all this in mind, keep your home page nice and clean. Keep adding relevant and useful content, and make sure that you know where you can get the right kind of keywords. Google Ranking is something that cannot be taken for granted.